Transitioning Wellness Services Seamlessly

Ensuring Marine warriors, caregivers and family members have continued access to uninterrupted, best-in-class service

The Challenge

Provide a smooth transition of services in a 30-day timeframe from the incumbent to The Bowen Group without interrupting or reducing the quality of service and support.

The Impact

Provided uninterrupted customer service during a seamless transfer of rosters, documentation and staff from the East and West Coast call centers within the 30-day time period.

The Outcome

Seamlessly transitioned operations of Wounded Warrior Call Center while providing continuous support and assistance to the Marines, caregivers and families we served.

The Bowen Group increased outreach, reduced the backlog and established a proactive, manageable call cycle. Team Bowen established technology redundancies, including two different vendors as internet service providers, to ensure continuity of service to customers.

The Bowen team provides mostly outbound calls to Marines, caregivers and families to offer support and assistance on issues that might include service disability ratings, medical care, Veterans Affairs (VA), employment, education, benefits and entitlements and more. The call cycle takes the team through the full caseload calls to follow-up and allows workers to maintain connections with customers and provide medical, non-medical and community resource information and referrals.

From Feb. 1 to Dec. 31, 2017, the team made 89,792 outbound calls resulting in 9,662 positive contacts with Marines and family members. Bowen’s Field Service Representatives made in-person visits to 350 Marines and the team graduated or suspended 9,634 Marines. Average call lengths increased, often due to connections formed between the Bowen team members, many of whom are retired Marines, Veterans or family members, and customers. Those that Bowen serves — Marines and family members — say how grateful they are for the services offered, the calls to check on them and the knowledge that they are not forgotten. It is Bowen’s honor to provide support and assistance to the military community.