A Day in the Life of Kelli Kirwan

A successful event involves months of planning and preparation. Spend the day with Kelli Kirwan, our communications analyst, as she uses a site visit to get to the know the area and to build relationships with venue staff.

5:30 am – Hit the Road

The day starts early with a rental car pick-up for the three-hour drive from Austin to Dallas, where we head straight to the airport to pick up fellow teammate, Caitlin. We are headed to the Dallas Hilton Lincoln Center hotel to conduct a site visit for a large event we are supporting next spring.

9:30 am – Check out Dallas

The first stop after the airport is to check out the area near the hotel so we’ll be familiar with dining and shopping options available for participants and staff.

11:30 am – Check-in

Checking in, meeting the front desk staff and starting to build relationships set the tone not just for our site visit, but also for the upcoming event. Our client doesn’t arrive until later in the day, so we want to make sure everything is prepared for our meetings and the hotel tour the next day.

1:00 pm – Meet the Sales Manager

Caitlin and I meet with the sales manager to prep for our client meeting the next morning.

3:00 pm – Tour the Event Spaces

The afternoon wraps up with a pre-tour tour, during which we discuss potential meeting space, event requirements and the government’s goals — all well worth it to make the next day smoother for our client.